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There is an epidemic sweeping across America

but no one is taking it seriously


Does the sound of Michele Bachmann's voice send your blood pressure sky high?

Does the sight of Hillary Clinton make your head twitch uncontrollably?

Obamacare can't cure it.

No one can refudiate it.

Talking heads spread it.


The infected look like normal Americans, at first, but then they open their mouths and foreign words leap out known only to inhabitants of their special nation: left coaster, mama grizzly, Obamacare, drill baby drill; or neocon, glass ceiling, teabagger, I didn’t inhale.
Drop the word “multiculturalism” and half of them will have an immediate allergy-like reaction. Their faces will turn red with fever as they glide away from you. Drop the phrase “lamestream media” and the other half will cringe and hold their brow with a splitting headache as they back away from you.
These otherwise normal Americans are obviously suffering from something. The author in this pioneering book has discovered what that is: severe, extremely contagious viral illnesses that are plaguing the entire country. He reveals here in layman’s terms the infection, spread and treatment of these viruses. They make us insanely ill and susceptible to conspiracy theories, and are so easily passed between individuals by speeches, handshakes and karaoke.
He discovers Viral Media is not just a figurative expression. One morning an infamous radio personality spouts off a misinformed, belligerent opinion. By that afternoon the author’s research subjects are repeating it with the same fever and refudiation. The viral words of the opinion had infected them and seemed to have taken possession of their minds like some voodoo zombie incantation.
No one is safe and many are contaminated. Treatments are provided so that they may become virus free and regain the ability to associate with those “other” Americans—those infected with the opposing virus.  If you are tired of the partisan arguing in our great country, this book is guaranteed to lift you to higher ground and make you LOL.

“From word one of this new book, John Cooker brings readers a look at [political] reality  which is completely
engrossing and
unbelievably hysterical.” Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"As this hilarious book proves, even when it comes to politics, laughter is the best medicine.” - Jim Barnes, Editor, Independent Publisher.com

“…an author that has a unique ability to perceive and express in an ingeniously humorous manner some profound and deep insights concerning human behavior.” BookPleasures

“His presentation is an acute infliction of humor aimed at the most basic of American beliefs, Democracy.” Reader Views

“It’s a very funny book and his tests to determine which virus you might have will leave you laughing out loud. It is one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a long, long time.” Carol Piner, author Evidence of Insanity

“CURE YOUR DEMOCRACY leaves few stones unturned as it takes no prisoners through its rampaging and comedic look at America.” Branch Isole, author and poet
















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